ANDROID programming

Android is software for mobile phones, tablets and a growing range of devices encompassing everything from wearable computing to in-car entertainment. It launched in 2003 and is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Android is an open source project called AOSP. Google uses this project as a base to create its version of Android, which is then used by the other manufacturers. Find out about the services we offer on the landing page.

Two languages are most commonly used for android programming, Java and Kotlin. You can be sure that your android application will be modern and meet your needs.

Travel Companion


Travel Companion is an application which has 42 most frequently used tourist phrases.
Contains phrases in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
By clicking on a particular button application pronounce phrase in the selected language. This way you can easily and quickly comunicate.
The plan is to expand the base of supported language.
android design tourist companion
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Liquid Calculator


For calculating the amount of liquid in a horizontal cylinder you need to enter following:- length of cylinder in cm
– diameter of cylinder in cm
– height of liquid in cm

and hit CALCULATE.

Application give you result of liquid amount in liters.

android design liquid calculator
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Personalized RSS Feed reader


This app read RSS Feeds from school portal ZNANJE and you can add RSS Feed sources you want to follow.

android programing Info vaspks
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Simple color picker for designers.


This simple color picker offers designers to chose color via RGB sliders, to see HEX code of the color and to temporarily store up to 4 different colors.
You can set alpha channel to. In new version You can save 4 colors to file, load colors from file and delete saved files.

android programing Colour picker for designers
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Shake your phone to roll the dice and have fun playing Yamb. Press on dice You want to lock from rolling.


  • Throwing dice.
  • Yamb is played with six dice,
  • Result is recorded by combining only five of them.
  • One game consists of 48 rounds.
  • Each round consists of three throws.
  • After each roll you can lock some dice by press them and they’ll not roll.
  • After third round ends, write the best matching result.
android design - Yamb
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